About Conference

Moore’s law predicts the doubling of the number of components per integrated circuit every two years. A similar explosion of knowledge is seen in the area of health science. The inventions and innovations in pharmaceutical, medical and biological science in recent years have dramatically changed the approach to healthcare. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the researchers to keep abreast of the developments.

This three days conference on International Conference on Advances in Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (ICAPHS-2020) is an attempt to bring together the researchers and scientists in pharmaceutical, medical and biological science from India and abroad to share their findings. The organisers have identified several key areas such as Pharmacology and toxicology, Ethnopharmacology, Drug discovery and development, Bioethics, Molecular biology & Radiation Biology, Omics Technology, Food Science and Nutraceuticals, Basic Science Research, Formulation development & Technology transfer, Novel Drug Delivery Technology & Biotechnology, Patient care & outcomes research, Regulatory Affairs for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products for deliberation. This multidisciplinary approach would open up several possibilities and bring scientists from the diverse area together. The presence of researchers from across the globe would provide a perfect platform for the exchange of ideas and get to know each other.

In the Indian context, a major shortcoming is meagre participation of the health care industry in general and pharmaceutical industry in particular in the advancement of research. A meaningful collaboration between industry and academia is the need of the hour and will be a win-win proposition. The organisers have planned an industry-academia in the side wings of the conference. The participants can deliberate on mutually beneficial strategies. One such strategy could be productive utilisation of large scientific human resource available in academia by the industry.

To whom the conference will be useful?

Since the conference will be attended by academicians, researchers and industry experts, we believe those who are in administrative position will get an opportunity to interact and explore the areas of mutual interest and collaboration. We wish these interactions shall result in advancement of knowledge.

Also, it will provide an opportunity for the students and young researchers to interact with the best brains in research, academics and industry. It is possible that the deliberations and interactions would answer many of their questions and open up new ideas and possibilities.